In 2004 Victorian Treasurer John Brumby proudly announced a
$100,000 grant to help surf giant Quiksilver create 50 new jobs. With
the global surf giant firing 20 Torquay staff this week, do you think
Mr Brumby should go and ask for our money back?

Austereo will soon be testing a networked weekend news service out of Sydney into Adelaide, and if successful, will roll it out across the country. Maybe a sign of things to come?

Met a bloke from Queensland Coordinator General’s Office
(part of Premier’s Department). He was enthusiastically and confidently
extolling how Queensland was going to get Howard’s first nuclear
reactor put in Beaudesert.

Last week’s formal declaration
of Andrew “SoB” (Son of Bill) Landeryou’s bankruptcy may signal the
beginning of the end for the former ALP high flyer. Understand the plod
is ready to pounce when university-appointed liquidator Dean McVeigh
winds up his year-long investigation.