As I am
currently based in the UK, I was very interested to watch or
listen to last night’s football game over the internet. Having spent fruitless hours trying
to configure a streaming feed from a Chinese internet television company
(TVAnts), I decided that the best result would be a radio broadcast.

ABC Radio was rumoured to be broadcasting the game and an
ad on their site confirmed it. I clicked the “Listen” tab but was
directed to a program that certainly wasn’t football. I didn’t listen long
enough to work out what it was because Josip Skoko had just scored. While it
may simply have been an unfortunately timed cross to the Bondi Surf Life Saving
club, I figured something was amiss. I searched for the correct feed but to no

But how did
I know Skoko had scored? Fortunately The Age website had a scrolling text
commentary of the game, though
“scrolling” is rather generous. In truth the coverage consisted of 3-10 minute
updates with little information. Posts such as the following served to
illustrate the quality of the coverage: “21′ – Bresciano gets a
small run at the top of the box, unable to control it and it is cleared to the
boundary.” Boundary?!

There was
no discussion of tactics or formations or anything slightly insightful. The
chat screen that ran beside the commentary even had to prompt the writers by
asking questions about the crowd, tactics, etc.

the highlight was the moving graphic that accompanied the goal:

Yep, that’s

This rant
might be seem petulant but most expats who are fans of football would be
bemused with the online coverage (or lack of) by both the ABC and The Age.
I sincerely
hope that someone can point to a better online coverage than I found. I
was too busy pressing “refresh” in the vain hope that there
might actually be an update.