Crikey subscribers in Brisbane are welcome to come to this event
on Wednesday night to discuss a question that challenges many
organisations ranging from my local kinder to BHP-Billiton – how to
build a killer board.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AIDC) and The Churchill Club,
a new group promoting innovation and entrepreneurialism, ran a similar
event in Melbourne earlier this year and had good feedback so the
roadshow is heading to Brisbane, complete with yours truly as moderator, despite my record as Australia’s most
rejected candidate.

The panellists include telco veteran turned professional director Terry
Cutler, Boeing Australia MD David Gray, University of Queensland deputy
vice-chancellor Paul Greenfield and corporate governance and strategy
consultant Gavin Nicholson.

We’ll stick around for a few drinks at the swanky Polo Club afterwards so
members of the Crikey army are encouraged to shell out the $66 and come along for the debate and then an informal
pub night of sorts after the formalities are done.

In terms of answering the proposition, here are a few thoughts:

  • Don’t bother with advisory boards – do the Full Monty or hire a few consultants
  • Be very wary of allowing venture capitalists onto your board
  • A token woman is out – have none or at least two
  • Quality control is vital because there’s thousands of dud wannabe directors out there
  • Find a chairman mentor and let them help put together the full board
  • Always have a meal and some socialising with board meetings
  • It’s not just about industry experience and experts – they can be hired as consultants
  • Have an odd number of five, seven or nine so there aren’t deadlocked votes
  • Get a good spread of skills – ie one accountant, one lawyer, one marketer, one IT guru
  • Try to avoid out-of-towners – directors should all be based in the head office city if possible

Feedback and further tips welcome to [email protected]

Peter Fray

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