Editorial notes:

Colourful character – a crook.
Flamboyant – gay
Tired and emotional – drunk
Someone is assisting police with inquiries – we’ve got the guy
Sources close to Michael Kroger say – Kroger told me, but as usual he wouldn’t go on the record.
close personal friend – a sexual partner, ie Julie Trethowan
old school copper – beats people uplong-luncher – a drunk

Julie Trethowan story on the frnot of the SMH – Packer’s “friend”

there’s Melbournewfashion entrepreneur used by the
Financial Review and other publications in the 70s and 80s when talking about
people from the clothing and rag trades who were venturing out into gentile
bussiness. the people being tghus described were usually jewish.. abe goldberg,
solly lew, herscu (even though he wasnt) marc besen.. they were raiding
companies and getting into property .. the anz bank was the big

colourful sydney racing identity (robbe waterhouse
and others such as the late george freeman) and colourful sydney idenity

The white shoe bridage … gold coast..supporters
of joh bjelke petersen and others.. brian ray (late) eddie Kornhauser (late)

or Perth business figures (ie Bond, and mates such
as rothwells ) the Hayes Street mob… a bunch of perth mining entrepreneurs
based in a building in hayes Street in perth.. perth Mining Entrepreneur or WA
mining entrepreneur..a way of suggesting someone was a bit dodgy or close to the