Christian Kerr writes:

Quite a party. “Plane loads
of people will be flown to Canberra on Monday for a Parliament House reception
celebrating the rescue of Beaconsfield miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb,” The
reports today.
“It is understood everyone involved in the rescue, and their spouses or
partners, have received an invitation to attend a two-hour function in the
Great Hall in a guest list stretching into the hundreds.” The Prime Minister must be desperate for good publicity. But
couldn’t the cost be more usefully applied to the community recovery? Can’t the
PM fly to Beaconsfield instead?

A way to hose down IR. Will Workplace
Relations Minister Kevin Andrews be stepping down at the next election? It’s
been said in the corridors. Andrews has had a good innings – an MP since a 1991
by-election. He’s a strong family man who’s been kept away from home by an
exhausting legislative agenda. And if his WorkChoices legislation is going to
be so significant in deciding the poll, if the man responsible goes, so too will a target.

Another departure? Will Queensland Liberal
MP Peter Slipper hang on to his preselection? Talk up north says that colleague
and minister Mal Brough would prefer to see state member Mark McArdle
fast-tracked into Fisher.

Recycle – or else. Separate your waste or
you might be separated from a grand. That’s the lesson from the case of British
mother of three Donna Chalice from Devon. She is accused of committing a heinous crime – putting food waste
in the recycling bin – and now faces trial later in the year.
We can all get together to save the planet. Or else.

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