Christian Kerr writes:

Why can’t you say it here? Australians
don’t support gay marriage, the Prime Minister has told an audience in Dublin. First nuclear power, now this. Why can’t he make these sorts of
pronouncements at home?

Epping latest. The
drawn out saga that is Liberal Epping preselection has taken an interesting
turn with the reported arrival of another high-profile candidate – solicitor
Damien Tudehope, NSW President of the National Civic Council. And, no, we don’t
need to say which faction is supposedly backing him.

Himbo, Bimbo and no Dumbo. On his arrival
in the Senate Mitch Fifield was quickly nicknamed a Himbo by his colleagues on account of his good looks and lack of substance. Now the Victorian
Liberal Party is set to add a bimbo to its Senate team. Helen Kroger’s
supporters talk of her toughness and determination, never her intelligence or
policy depth. Yet with Rod Kemp’s departure, she seems Canberra bound. The
other favoured candidate is Scott Ryan, no dumbo, who might actually be able to
make a positive contribution to the role of a Senator, in a decade’s time if he
actually managed to stick at something. His baggage is also rumoured to be
heavy with dark mutterings over his purported role in the Ralph Willis letters
on the eve of the 1996 election. These three will be the Liberal Senate team
for the next election, of that there can be little doubt given the dominance of
the Costello faction on the preselection panel. Of much more interest is the
massive level of angst within that faction over who has been passed over and excluded.
Already The Age has a leaked email from former factional insider Giuseppe De Simone lashing out at the treatment
given to his wife, former senator Karen Synon. Quieter, but as angry, is State
Director Julian Sheezel. There’s talk Kemp had agreed to announce his
retirement after the State Election so Julian could be slotted in early next
year. Unfortunately for Julian, it claims, Helen Kroger got greedy.