Changes are certainly afoot at Rural Press’s Canberra Times. Hot on the
heels of the announcement of Mark Baker’s appointment as editor, Lloyd Whish-Wilson, the
General Manager, has announced his retirement to take effect in July. In a message to staff today Whish-Wilson
said: “ The industry has been my
life for the past 45 years. My four
years in Canberra have had a number of ups and downs but
particularly in the last few years I have got to know better the people and the
place and have thoroughly enjoyed my time. However, I have promises to family
and friends to keep that forced the issue and I will be returning to Tasmania.”

The ups and downs in Canberra are not only a matter of
declining circulation. The Canberra Times might well qualify for
the most factionalised newspaper in Australia, and that’s certainly
saying something. It seems the newspaper
is now about to enter a period of change.
Will it be an Australian version of the Washington Post,
or will it remain a parish pump news sheet? If the former, then Rural
Press will have to overcome its aversion to spending big money on

was previously Chief of Staff, Editorial Manager, Operations Manager and Chief
Executive at TheExaminer in Launceston. In
July, 2002, he joined Rural Press Limited as General Manager-Metropolitan and
Southern, with responsibility for all publishing operations in the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania.