– Bushels with Bribes (Patrick Elmes)

HMG – High Moral Grain (Russell Smith)

GSI – Grain Sans Integrity (John Berlin)

SchulzCo – “I know nussink” (Mark Huppert)

TWBYHWYDPK Corp – The Wheat Board You Have When You Don’t Pay Kickbacks Corp (Phil Bourke)

Just Wheat (no added ethics) – (Jacqueline Ford)

Doughboy Wheat: We help you make dough. (Ben Gilna)

Discreet Wheat – We don’t ask questions, we don’t give answers (anonymous)

WBA – Wheat Before Accountability (Rex Manson)

Cereal Fabrications (Niall Clugston)

WWE – Wheat Without Ears: We never listen to anyone (anonymous)

NRB – No Regulations Board: If you can’t stand the wheat, get out of the kitchen (Tom McCardell)

BPBI – Brown Paper Bag Industries (Tom McCardell)

B.L.A.D.D.E.R – Bullsh*t, Lies, Amnesia, Deception, Disingenuous, Egregious, Rapacious: We take the piss! (Tom McCardell)

Australian Wheat and Nuclear Fuel Rental Board: When the silos are empty, no point wasting space, might as well store something in there. (Chris Blackman)

COSI Wheat – (Concentrate On Something Important): What’s your problem? (Christianne DeClerc)

The Crikey Wheat Company – You seem to have more interest in the AWB than anyone else (anonymous)

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