A win
for Nine last week but Friday night saw Seven win, despite Nine having the AFL
and NRL football on that night: It was a result that was probably a one-off (the
exception that proves the rule) but it did take analysts by

won the week with 28.1% to 27.3% for Seven, 24.9% for Ten, 14.6% with the ABC
and 5.0% for SBS.

won Saturday night from Seven and Ten but it was Friday night that was

won with 28.6% to 28.0% for Nine and 22.6% for Ten.

won despite not having any football. It did however have the four top programs,
Seven news (Nine was beaten by around 350,000 nationally on a Friday night!),
Today Tonight, Better Homes and Gardens and Home and Away. Seven effectively won
Friday night by winning from 6 pm to 8.30 pm.

Nine then won with the football which was
number 6 and attracted solid audiences. But Nine was let down by poor results
for the News, A Current Affair and Temptation. – Glenn Dyer