Thomas Hunter at the Crikey sports desk writes:

Mundine-Green fight spills into streets. One man in Perth is dead and three men in
Melbourne are in hospital after drunken brawls followed the Mundine-Green bout
on Wednesday night. As the Herald Sunreports this morning,
fights broke out across
Queensland, while in Adelaide a police
spokesman said there were 14 pub brawls reported
across the city. “Either it wasn’t a popular win and they were fighting
over the result or they were just fuelled by too many drinks and then suddenly
everyone thinks they’re Rocky Balboa,” said Australian Medical Association
vice-president Dr Choong-Siew Yong. Meanwhile, Mundine is still talking tough,
telling The SMH:
“All of those people who
doubted me or thought he would whip me, they’ve now got egg on their face
because I’m the Man and I will always be the Man.” Yeah, you’ve mentioned that
once or twice already, Ant.

Barry Bonds even more unpopular than Anthony Mundine?
Quite possibly. After his most recent failure to overtake Babe
Ruth’s record of 714 home runs (second behind Hank Aaron 755), Bonds was jeered
by Houston fans, and deliberately targeted by Houston Astros pitcher Russ
Springer, who hit him on the right shoulder with a 150 kph fastball. It was
retaliation for the Giants’ pitcher hitting an Astros batter, but when the
pitcher and manager were ejected from the game, the Houston crowd roared their
support for the pair. Also in Houston,
a supporter dressed up as a syringe, while in Philadelphia last month, fans
wore T-shirts with “Steroids” and “Cheater” printed on them. Bonds has not
scored a home run since May 7 and was rested for the final game against
Houston. The Giants won 10-1, clean-sweeping the three game series.

record denied.
After last week being crowned the fastest
man on earth, Justin Gatlin, the speedster who took 1/100th of a second from
Asafa Powell’s world record time of 9.77 seconds for the 100 metres, has had
his record revoked due to a timing error.
Gatlin’s time was changed to 9.77 seconds,
meaning Powell must now share his crown with Gatlin until someone
betters their
mark. It would be a promoter’s dream to have the pair facing off in a
and they will appear at the same meet on May 28 at Hayward Field in
Eugene, Oregon, just not in the same race: the event is divided into
eight-man finals.