Martin Hughes, editor of The Big Issue
, writes:

The Big Issue’s “Poor 20” is coming out on Friday amid, well, very little fanfare.
Not entirely by coincidence it follows the BRW Rich 200 and has a very similar

Because Australia’s richest citizens are only half as generous – or twice as
stingy – as their US counterparts (donating less than 7% of their wealth to
charity, compared to 15% in the US) we figured maybe they needed guidance on
where help was needed most.So The Big Issue
has profiled Australia’s 20 poorest electorates, identified their most
pressing needs, and matched them up with rich relatives who might be
able to help. A shameless attempt to spruik the mag, sure, but also a
useful counterpoint to the equally shameless wealth porn pedalled by BRW every year.

Victoria’s Mallee, for example, is
the sixth poorest electorate and has the lowest average annual income in
Australia. Education is the big loser here, according to local charity, Chances
for Children. Seeing as the founder of the local WIN Corporation, Bruce
Gordon, recently handed the billion-dollar TV business over to son Andrew, we
figured there’d be no bigger fan of chances for children.

By the way,
Tasmania has the two poorest states. Braddon and Lyons (where it’s not only
Beaconsfield residents who’ve been praying for miracles) have poverty rates
teetering around 15%, a far cry from Brendan Nelson’s electorate of Bradfield in
Sydney’s northern suburbs, the least poor with a poverty rate of only