When is a dog whistle not a dog whistle? When it comes from the “progressive forces” in our community, it appears.

Beazley joined a union rally outside Workplace Relations Minister Kevin
Andrews’ Melbourne office yesterday. Have a look at the banners in the picture in The SMH today. “Why won’t Howard train Aussie workers?”

They fit in well with cuddly Kim’s message from his Budget Address in Reply speech last week:

announce tonight that a Federal Labor Government will abolish foreign
apprenticeship visas. No government I lead will import foreign
apprentices from overseas while Aussie kids are turned away from
training. It’s just plain wrong. So this is my commitment: train our
kids first, before you train anyone else’s.

But why won’t anybody call this what it is – dog whistle politics? Racist dog whistle politics.

Howard clearly isn’t the only person who’s learnt from Pauline Hanson,
yet he gets crucified for this. Why shouldn’t the union movement?