Corporate lawyer and company director Adam Schwab writes:

one word sums up the BRW Rich 200 list (and the list it was based upon, the
Forbes 400) is would be hope. Hope that one day, with a bit of luck, maybe we
can emulate some of the feats of the Rich Listers. The Rich List is also the
ultimate testament to our free market capitalist economy.

Rich List also shows that Australia
is a pretty good place to make a fortune from nothing. Scanning the list, there
isn’t all that much “old money” occupying the top 50 places on the list – almost
all of the fortunes of Australia’s
richest people has been made themselves, rather than
inherited. Of the 50 richest people according to BRW, 45 could be considered
“self-made”. People like Frank Lowy (still Australian’s second richest), Richard
Pratt (number 3), debutant Dr Shi Zhengrong (number 4) or Gerry Harvey (number
12) prove that if you’re good enough, Australia is a great place to get rich.

probably wouldn’t be too many countries outside perhaps the
which would produce so much wealth for so many different people from such
diverse means in such a short period.