By Glenn Dyer

There I
was last night, waiting for Nine’s A Current Affair to
start. I had been interviewed by a crew yesterday for a story
on the salaries being paid to the senior management at Macquarie Bank, and
whether they were equitable. For me,
with my background as former Nine producer and then TV writer (and critic of Nine and others in the TV industry), it would be a

But I
had my reservations, I told the ACA crew that I would do the interview but
doubted that it would get to air, such is the perceived feeling towards me from
management at Nine’s struggling current affairs flagship. The story came on, but no me. Instead ACA had gone and got a couple of voice
grabs from Nine’s finance writer, Ross Greenwood. I thought I
must have been boring and didn’t make the cut but a little
checking found a different reason.

seems that once ACA management discovered that I had been interviewed for the
story (the reporter was David Margan in Brisbane), I was
history. It
would seem those responsible were David Hurley, ACA‘s
EP, and his deputy, Darren Wick. It’s
nice to know they are still such sensitive souls at the top of ACA: perhaps
that’s why they are having trouble overtaking Today Tonight on Seven. Not enough