How live will Nine’s Beaconsfield miners special be? The Nine network can be pretty slippery when it comes to describing
its shows as live and my bet is that Sunday’s two-hour special with the
miners will be another example; a delayed telecast being pumped up as
something it’s not. Nine’s handling of the charity concert in Beaconsfield during the AFL and NRL Footy
is a case in point. Viewers were led to believe the crosses
were live, and indeed they appeared so. But there
was a giveaway. The first segment went for more than 20 minutes without an ad
break, not a normal occurrence on commercial TV. When
questioned about this a Nine spokesman said this
week: “Footy
Beaconsfield Bash – the address of thanks by
Russell and Webb – was never described/promoted anywhere
as being ‘live’. Due to the technicalities (and a bit like the Logies) the segment was a delayed telecast by about 40
minutes.” Which is understandable, but not strictly speaking true, as you can seen from this Nine release from last week: “The
Footy Show
will cross live tonight to a special Nine Network goodwill event in
the Tasmanian mining town of Beaconsfield to thank locals for their support
as the incredible rescue of the brave pair unfolded.” – Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners:
Tuesday night and there’s Seven without the safety blanket of its
ratings megastar, Dancing With The Stars. Defenceless if you like, just
waiting to be picked off by Nine, with Ten plunging in to assist with a
huge flogging of Big Brother. Well, that might have been the script
outline at Nine, but the reality was a close win to Seven as its two
replacement programs, Border Security and Medical Emergency both did
the job for at least an hour between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Both programs
returned with better numbers than their premieres last year. Border
averaged 1.780 million and was the most watched program across
the country. Medical Emergency was third with 1.599 million and in
between them was Seven News with 1.602 million. The Intruders edition
of Ten’s Big Brother was 4th with 1.526 million from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Seven’s Today Tonight was 5th with 1.490 million, Seven’s All
was 6th with 1.437 million at 8.30pm. Nine News was Nine’s best
program in 7th spot with 1.4 million viewers, Home and Away was 8th
with 1.354 million, A Current Affair was 9th with 1.325 million and
Temptation at 7pm was 10th with 1.301 million. Nine’s repeat of CSI at
8.30pm averaged 1.287 million for 11th spot (a new episode of CSI or a new episode of another program might have won the night for Nine). Big Brother
at 7pm was 12th with 1.285 million, CSI New York was 13th with 1.271
million at 9.30pm, Rove Live jumped sharply to 1.11 million viewers,
thanks to the Intruder crosses to Big Brother, while Neighbours rounded
out the 15 million plus programs with 1.059 million at 6.30pm, one of
its best audiences for some time. The OC at 8.30pm had Intruder crosses
and it averaged 970,000, higher than normal.

The Losers:

Well, not many. Survivor Panama with 933,000. No excuses now, no
Dancing With The Stars, Survivor is becoming stale. Bert’s Family Feud
fell to 659,000 . Seven’s Medical Incredible at 9.30 pm averaged
758,000. Deal or No deal averaged 993,000. Clive Robertson’s Agony
averaged 866,000. Good figures for the quirky program; the question is whether, having sampled it, people will
return next week.

News & CA:

Seven News again won nationally and in every market but Brisbane. Today
won nationally, thanks mainly to the big win in Perth. ACA won
Sydney and Brisbane, TT won Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Ten News at
Five averaged 923,000, a lift on the very low Monday figure. The ABC
News at 7pm averaged 977,000 and the 7.30 Report, 868,000. Sunrise and
Sunrise Early both easily beat the Today show programs on Nine.

The Stats:

Seven won with a 28.6% share (down from 44.6% the week before because
of the Dancing with The Stars Final), Niine was next with 26.7% (21.6%)
just ahead of Ten on 26.4% (18.2%) then the ABC with 13.3% (11.2%) and
SBS with 5.0% (4.2%). Seven won Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Nine won
Brisbane and Ten won Adelaide where they really like Big Brother and

Glenn Dyer’s comments: A good result for Seven.
It’s always hard moving from a killer show that wins the night to a
replacement or replacement, even if they are proven performers. Nine
could have won the night with something better than the CSI repeat on
at 8.30pm. Maybe Nine is light on for 8.30pm dramas that can win the
night. It looks like it. In fact Nine was lucky to fight off Ten which
skilfully used the Intruders (boring and predictable) to add viewers in The OC and especially in Rove at 9.30pm onwards (till 10.40pm).
Tonight Ten will again be competitive with Big Brother, Thank God
You’re Here
and House. They will prove to be a handful for Nine and its
reliable McLeod’s Daughters and Seven with Beyond Tomorrow (which is
looking a bit yesterday) and Prison Break.