Both Alinta and AGL are shedding middle management to help
achieve the targets promised in their recently announced
merger/demerger. Alinta has trimmed layers from its existing structure,
whereas AGL is moving all opertions apart from corporate head office
away from Sydney to break the ‘old school’ factors and inject some new

Following the punch-up between AdNews editor Dave Clutterbuck and The Australian
marketing writer Simon Canning, some of the boys (and girls) have been
at it again. At the 10th birthday bash for ad agency BWM, B&T editor Heather Jacobs poured her glass of wine over the head of Clutterbuck. Apparently she didn’t see the humour in AdNews’ April Fools joke (this involved AdNews
sending out a bogus media release to B&T saying that media buyer
Harold Mitchell had sold his business to Telstra. Instead of trying to
call the fake contact number on the release, B&T posted the news
straight up on its website…). When AdNews reporter Matthew
Eaton tried to jibe Heather about her faltering credibility, she
slapped him across the face. Clutterbuck then challenged Simon Canning
to a charity boxing match – apparently Canning was enthusiastic…