9 May: Seem to
have perplexed my Republican friends by agreeing to host a campaign fundraiser
for Hillary Clinton.
Don’t know what the big deal is though, it’s just a modest $1000-per-plate job
to give the people in our office the opportunity to hear her. It’s got nothing to do with anything other than
her Senate re-election (such as a rumoured bid for the Democratic
presidential nomination in 2008). Anyway, I happen think she’s an effective
leader. Like Tony Blair used to be.

10 May: Kelvin MacKenzie starts back weekly at The Sun tomorrow – thank God – to replace that tiresome Richard Littlejohn. Got a preview of his first column and it includes a nasty attack on Labour. And I must say, I rather agree with his sentiments: “I
haven’t enjoyed myself so much in years. Watching the Blair project
collapse in ruins is fantastic.”

11 May: Not a bad third
quarter earnings result
, if I do say so
myself – a good time to increase the $3 billion stock buyback program to $6 billion.

12 May: The press seem to have got hold of our “in principle” agreement to take a stake in Georgia’s Tbilisi television channel, Imedi. My fellow tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili – who owns said TV channel – seems very excited about it all, calling the sale
“a very important development for Georgia, which gives us the possibility to increase
[international] interest toward our country”. All very flattering, old boy, but the deal isn’t sealed yet.

14 May: Got
everyone on Fleet Street nice and nervous about my plans to launch a free
evening title in
– it’s about time someone challenged the Evening Standard monopoly. And who says we need the contract for the tube to
do it?

15 May: Meanwhile, James’s plans for
BSkyB to run the National Lottery
is also sparking interest in the press. He’s
talking with potential partners about forming a consortium to submit a bid by
the end of the year. He’s a chip off the old block.

Peter Fray

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