A week and a half after I issued the challenge, I haven’t
received a single worthwhile bit of information to help solve the Weeping
mystery. I was hoping we could identify the culprits in time for the
20th anniversary of the famous theft of the Picasso painting from the National
Gallery of Victoria, but it would seem no one in the Crikey Army either knows or

Well, maybe you might be able to help the NGV solve another art mystery,
although I’m not sure why in this particular case anyone would be bothered.
This morning the NGV issued a plea for information as to the whereabouts of
four missing Charles Blackman paintings. I have never been a Blackman fan, so
for my money a missing Blackman is a good Blackman. But I’m sure many of you
will disagree with me, so the following media release may be of interest:

The National Gallery of Victoria will appeal
today to Australians to come forward with any information they may have on four
Charles Blackman paintings that have not been seen in public for many years.

The paintings were all created between 1956 and
1957 and are part of Blackman’s Alice in Wonderland series. It is
believed the paintings are owned by private collectors.

The NGV is hoping to reunite these missing
artworks with all 46 paintings in the famous series for a major exhibition in
August. It will be the first time paintings in the series have been bought
together for an exhibition.