Kerr writes:

The Age has
been full of spectacularly sleazy stories
since Saturday on how Victorian state
Labor nonentity George Seitz brings the bruvvers to the party –
allegations that “a group of bogus community organisations set up by
longest-serving MP used the proceeds of bingo games in the 1990s —
earmarked for community projects — to buy party memberships”.

Yawn. Back
in August 2002 we published a range of emails from Labor Renewal Betting – a
bunch of shonks in Victoria putting punting proceeds towards
buying branch memberships. Here’s an extract from one of their missives:

See how power works in this country.

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Subject: selections for Tomorrow
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 15:31:08 +1000

The selections this week are:

Melbourne Race 6 – TAB No. 5 (Corvain)
Melbourne Race 7 – TAB No. 4 (La Serenade)
Sydney Race 6 – TAB No. 5 (Star Of Florida)
Brisbane Race 2 – TAB No. 5 (Malumba)

Put $10 each way on all selections. Put half of
your collect in an envelope and give it to a member of our Committee. Thank you
to all who contributed from last week’s winnings.

We have enough to help another seven of our low
income supporters pay their party memberships…

[H]elp stop branchstacking. We want a quality
candidate preselected to Parliament.

weekend, if they followed the selections and staking plan for the races on
Saturday, the Labor punters would have doubled their money.

Liberals are expected to ask the Auditor-General to investigate Seitz today
– but who can check on the activities of Labor rorters who aren’t parliamentarians?
There’s been a lot of sleazy stuff going on for a very long time.

See how power works in this country.

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