We’ve seen David Koch make friends with one Beaconsfield miner and
spend a few minutes in the back of an ambulance and Nine CEO, Eddie
McGuire, spend three days in the town, organise a charity beano but
still not get a signature on a dotted line. Such are the vagaries of
cheque book journalism. But the whole thing is likely to be resolved
today after the miner’s new agent, Sean Anderson, meets with Nine and Seven.

who also represents Jennifer Hawkins, former cricketer Michael Slater and former
Wallabies skipper Phil Kearns, got the lucrative job ahead of the likes of Max
Markson, Harry M. Miller, and AFL player agent Michael

After yesterday’s reports of
the new agent and suggestions that Seven had firmed in the
betting (because Anderson is Koch’s manager), Eddie was more than a little miffed. In fact he was very
miffed! The stories suggested that Todd
Russell and Brant Webb have been offered $2.75 million to tell their story to
Channel 7 and New

According to the AAP reports, Anderson met Webb and Russell in
Beaconsfield on
Saturday morning, but said a media deal had not yet been locked
in. “It’ll be pretty soon, but I won’t
be broadcasting it,” he said. “It’s an extraordinary story and I’m
just really thrilled to be involved.”

Nine insiders point out the irony of
Anderson and the miners dealing with Eddie McGuire and not the news and current
affairs boss Mark Llewellyn, while at Seven they’re dealing with news and current affairs director, Peter Meakin.

Meanwhile Seven has done a low key exclusive deal with the family of young
Sydney girl
Sophie Delezio who is recovering in hospital after
being struck by a car for the second time in three years.