Christian Kerr writes:

Compare and contrast the Howard
Government’s curious approach to conservation and public policy as it
unfolds in the media. From The Australian last month:

The chances of an orange-bellied parrot fatally colliding
with turbines at the proposed Bald Hills wind farm was, at worst, once
every 1000 years, according to new research signed off by the experts
that the Howard Government relied on to veto the project.

See how power works in this country.

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modelling by the Victorian Government used the same data employed by
Biosis Research, whose report was seized on by federal Environment
Minister Ian Campbell to scuttle the $220 million wind farm…

From yesterday’s South Australian Sunday Mail:

One of South Australia’s most endangered birds could halt the development of a $650 million pulp mill in the South-East.

have been raised over plans to fell six 200-year-old river redgums –
habitat considered critical for the survival of the endangered
red-tailed black cockatoo – for the mill, south of Penola…

And The Australian today – “Booby in peril as laws ignored”:

The federal Government has sidestepped its own
environmental laws to build a $336 million detention centre on
Christmas Island, despite the facility being nestled between pristine
rainforest and national parkland which is home to an endangered
Australian bird.

The local community has voiced concerns about
the project’s impact on the Abbott’s booby, a bird that breeds only in
the island’s rainforest…

Does this explain The Age‘s report today that another booby, blunder prone Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, is also facing extinction?

See how power works in this country.

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