A couple of weeks ago Crikey ran with the story about some old-time
politicking in the lead-up to this month’s
University of NSW council elections after current
board member, Deputy Chancellor and aspiring Liberal, Gabrielle Upton, was accused
of using the university’s resources to help her re-election campaign.

Upton, whose re-election is supported by the University’s current
Chancellor David Gonski, was asked by the UNSW to change her website a couple of
weeks ago after complaints were made about how closely it resembled the
University’s own site, but concerns about Upton’s use of University resources remain.

A UNSW graduate wrote to Crikey saying he’d received this
how-to-vote email from Upton, signed as Deputy Chancellor, on April 20. The email, he said, was sent
to a rarely used address, usually used to correspond with the

Dear xxxxxxx

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As you may be aware, the University of New South Wales is currently
holding its elections for the Council, the University’s governing body.

As the newly appointed Deputy Chancellor at UNSW, Vice President of the
UNSW Alumni Association and President of the UNSW Law Alumni Chapter, I
have a strong commitment to UNSW. I am well aware of the
challenges and opportunities facing UNSW and with creativity and close
partnering with the community, graduates and industry I believe that
UNSW will remain a world class academic institution.

I am standing for re-election to the University Council and would
appreciate your support. All UNSW graduates are entitled to
vote. To support me, please mark the following on the pink and
blue ballot papers:

1. for GABRIELLE UPTON, banker/lawyer and arts/law graduate;

2. for Geoff Lawson, test cricketer and optometry graduate;

3. for Dr Tina Clifton, company director and medical graduate; and

4. for Adam Liberman, lawyer and commerce/law graduate.

The University has sent the ballots to each graduate’s last known
address. If you are a graduate and have not received a ballot by
the end of next week, please contact me. Ballots must be returned
to the University with the pink ballot in the pink envelope and the
blue ballot in the blue envelope by Tuesday 6 June at 5pm.

If you would like more information about my commitment and contribution to the University, please visit http://unsw.councilelections.com.au or call me on xxxxxxxx.


Gabrielle Upton
Deputy Chancellor, UNSW
BA (Industrial Relations) (1987) LLB (1988) UNSW

Crikey put in a call to Upton to ask how she’d gotten access to former
students’ email addresses and why she’d used her Deputy Chancellor
title in her campaign material, but hadn’t heard back at the time of