I’ll be out of action for the rest of this week attending a rather grand-sounding Future Summit
in Brisbane, featuring all sorts of speakers including Peter Cosgrove,
Bob Carr, Kevin Rudd, Mick Keelty, Alexander Downer, Looksmart founder
Evan Thornley, Australian of the Year Ian Frazer, ACF president Ian
Lowe, ACTU President Sharan Burrow, Axa CEO Les Owen and GPT chairman
Peter Joseph, just to name a few.

However, rather than soaking up the worldly wisdom of all these people,
I’m feeling a little daunted about sitting on two of the panel sessions
as some sort of faux expert.

The first is titled “AWB – lessons for Australia” and the other
panelists are former Telstra dotcom chief Ted Pretty and former
diplomat Bruce Haigh. This shouldn’t be too hard, but the second one
hour session on Friday is more daunting as it’s titled “Australia’s
footing in the world community”. and the other panelists are World Bank
key note speaker Scott Featherston and James van Smeerdijk, CEO of the
Boston Consulting Group.

To be honest, I’m no great internationalist, so any insights, suggested
reading or tips what to say from the Crikey Army would be much
appreciated. The email, as always, is [email protected]

Peter Fray

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