The Money section that runs simultaneously in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
each week is about, er, money – “How to make it and enjoy it” is the
slogan on the cover. So what were money-making readers expected to make
of these comments by writer and “jargon hater” Don Watson in the main
interview in today’s section:

Attitude to money: I think it helps to remember that it’s a
miserable thing really, money. It doesn’t compare to a thousand things.
It’s just crap compared with life itself.

Best investment: It seems strange, but perhaps it was deciding
to do a PhD – not because PhDs are worth a pinch of anything but
because I learned a lot doing it, including a lot about writing.

Worst investment: I’ve only invested in shares twice, when I had hot tips. I lost the lot. Give me horses any day.

“How to make it and enjoy it”? Don Watson doesn’t seem impressed with either pursuit.