Seven wins Beaconsfield ratings battle. The
Seven Network clearly won yesterday’s news and current affairs battle. From
near record audiences for Sunrise to big numbers for its 4.30pm News and then 6pm News and Today Tonight (which
were extended to 90 minutes, as were Nine News and A Current Affair), Seven
won. On Sunday, Nine News had done well, winning with 2.485 million
viewers, and running a close second to Seven on Monday night when ACA was a clear winner over TT,
but last night the positions were reversed and Seven won
comprehensively. Seven’s morning news beat Nine – 253,000 to 213,000 –
and the afternoon news also went to Seven – 506,000 to 251,000. But the
real battle was at 6pm, and the loss of audience by Nine was a bit odd,
given the strength shown on Sunday and Monday. Seven News averaged
1.876 million people, more than 200,000 extra from Monday night, while
Nine averaged 1.641 million, up just 50,000 from Monday night. Today
averaged 1.717 million people, also up more than 200,000 from Monday
night, but A Current Affair could only manage 1.306
million, down more than 300,000 on Monday night. Ten’s News at Five also
did well, topping 1.1 million viewers for its biggest audience of 2006 so far. But the
ABC News didn’t reach a million viewers (997,000), unlike Monday. The big
loser was the 7.30 Report‘s budget special; it averaged 798,000, compared to
1.031 million on Monday night. Glenn Dyer

The power of Mel and Kochie.
They’d deny it, but Seven’s Sunrise
hosts, David Koch and Mel Doyle have become the biggest and most
powerful personalities in Australian television, and there’s no one at
Nine or Ten, or the ABC, who comes close to matching this clout. A big
statement, but why else did Nine CEO, Eddie McGuire fly south to
Beaconsfield yesterday to shout the local pub and reveal a special
edition of the AFL and NRL Footy Shows? Because he and other people at
Nine knew that Koch’s influence had to be countered, especially when
they heard that he and Mel Doyle had been to Russell’s home and were
getting on with his wife and family. The key to his popularity is his
everyman approach to life (some of which Eddie McGuire retains) but
also the chemistry of the relationship with Mel Doyle, who Nine and PBL
have tried at least twice, maybe three times, in the past two years to
steal away from Seven. On Monday, Sunrise
beat Today with 544,000 viewers (from 7am to 9am),
although Today‘s audience picked up sharply to 368,000. On
Tuesday, Sunrise‘s audience jumped to 839,000 ahead of Today with 529,000. Sunrise‘s
audience peaked at more than a million viewers, which are incredible
numbers given the time of day, probably more than three times the
normal peak. Both Koch and Doyle have been used by Seven in prime time,
co-hosting Where Are They Now, which is a success (although
its numbers are down a bit from its start). And Koch’s
figures for the small business show, My
, on Sunday mornings are also good at around 190,000. – Glenn Dyer

SMH Online makes Eddie into Kochie. Who’s who in the Beaconsfield media scrum, according to the SMH Online:

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners:
A big win for Seven, with Dancing With The Stars attracting 2.665
million people for the Grand Final of Series Four. But from tonight
it’s a different ball game until Dancing returns later in the year. But
nonetheless it was the biggest audience ever for Dancing and the
viewing numbers peaked at 3.077 million towards the end when the
decision that Seven weatherman, Grant Denyer, had won was revealed.
Seven News was second with 1.876 million people, Today Tonight was next
with 1.717 million, All Saints was 4th with 1.660 million (a million
people dropped off, which isn’t bad given that dancing finished around
10 pm). Nine News was 5th with 1.641 million, then A Current Affair
with 1.306 million, Big Brother was next at 7pm for Ten with 1.289
million, Ten News at Five was 8th with 1.157 million and Deal or No
was 9th with 1.038 million people at 5.30pm, probably its biggest
ever audience. The ABC News at 7pm was 10th with 997,000.

The Losers:
None really, it was another big day for news and current affairs and a
big night with Dancing’s final. Bert’s Family Feud had its best figures
with 770,000, but that did Nine News no good at all. Bert was well
beaten by Deal on Seven and the Ten News. Survivor Panama got swamped
by Dancing and the News stuff and averaged 910,000. Next week might see
some of the pressure off, but with Border Security and Medical
back into the 7.30 to 8.30 timeslot for Seven, probably not.
Nine ran dead with a repeat of CSI at 8.30pm (949,000) and a new CSI
New York at 9.30pm (930,000).

News & CA: Seven
News again won nationally and in every market but Adelaide. Today
won everywhere. Nine News had a solid figures, A Current Affair
shed viewers, losing more than 330,000 from the extended news. Nine
can’t argue that the longer news affected ACA. Seven News and TT lifted
their audiences from Monday night, ACA lost viewers, Nine News added
viewers. Ten News had its best figures for the year while Nine’s Nightline did well with its budget special at around 10.30pm,
averaging a solid 590,000 viewers. The ABC News had 997,000 viewers but
there was a big turn-off to the budget version of the 7.30 Report with
798,000 people. It was almost an hour long though. And Dancing With The
was more attractive to viewers.

The Stats:
with 44.9% (36.7%), from Nine with 21.6% (26.0%).Ten was third with
18.2% (21.3%), the ABC was next with 11.2% (11.5%) and SBS with 4.2%
(4.5%). Seven won all markets.

Glenn Dyer’s comments:
Well, that ends the first phase of the 2006 ratings battle, it will be
much closer from now on until Dancing With The Stars returns. Seven’s Desperate Housewives and Lost are now not the ratings powerhouses they
were, but Seven does have a string of very well performing old hits and
some interesting new shows to unleash. One will be It Takes Two, or
Singing With The Stars“, as it’s been nicknamed. It will probably head
for a Sunday night start to see if Seven’s poor showings there over the
past two years can be repaired. Seven might also hold it and run it as a spoiler against the Torvill
and Dean ice skating version of Dancing on Nine soon. Tonight it’s Ten
with Big Brother, Thank God You’re Here and House. Nine has McLeod’s,
Seven has its news, Prison Break and Today Tonight.