It was early
evening in the US when Brant Webb and Todd Russell emerged after two
weeks trapped underground this morning, and the New York Times
posted an Associated Press report with the photo of the two miners
emerging from the mine front and centre on their website, coupled with
an AP video package of the events of the past two weeks.

Most of the large US dailies – including the LA Times, Washington Post and the Boston Globe – featured wire copy and used the same image as the NYT, but we couldn’t find one US media outlet with its own reporter on the ground in Beaconsfield. Although CNN did run this reworked version of the AP piece on the miners’ escape, with a small contribution from a staff journalist.

It was Monday night when the news broke in Britain, and The Times was running the AP wire copy while the Telegraph and The Guardian ran the same copy elsewhere on their sites. The BBC provided the best British coverage, featuring pictures, graphics and more video footage of the rescue.