Disgraced inside trader Steve Vizard may have been banned from managing
a company for the next ten years, but someone decided that last year’s
scandals weren’t enough to ban him from appearing on the Logies as part of a celebration of 50 years of Australian television.

Vizard and his close mate Michael Veitch dusted off their old gay flight
attendants skit when it was hardly one of the most memorable comic
performances we’ve seen over the years.

As a conspiracy theorist from way back, does anyone else see the hand
of Vizard’s great mate, former co-investor in Sportsview.com and Toorak
neighbour, Eddie McGuire?

Eddie now has the power to influence the Logies lineup
in his new gig as CEO of the host network, Channel Nine. Did he
politely suggest Vizard be given almost five minutes of primetime Sunday night
viewing which will certainly contribute to his rehabilitation amongst the
great unwashed?

There’s an interesting precedent here. The week before Vizard fronted
the Federal Court to cop his punishment last year, one of the questions
Eddie asked on Who Wants to be a Millionaire
was “Who of the following is a former winner of Father of the Year?”
Four Steves were offered up, but Eddie’s mate Vizard was the correct
answer, even though it happened way back in 2002.

Why on earth would Eddie want to portray a disgraced business figure in
a good light to more than one million Australians as he was about to
fined $390,000 and banned for ten years? Mateship seems the only
plausible explanation.