Christian Kerr writes:

The truth, the Cole truth… Have a look at the
Cole Commission home page and the list of exhibits.
You can even find a stat dec from ASIO boss and former foreign affairs adviser
to the Prime Minister, Paul O’Sullivan there – but his old boss’ material seems
to be missing. The exhibit list
is still not showing the original sworn statements from John Howard and his
Foreign Minister. Nor does it show the PM’s supplementary statement. Downer’s
supplementary sworn statement is hidden behind an exhibit number with no
accompanying description. The Inquiry states
documents are still being “checked for accuracy”. No wonder – given the talk
swirling around in high bureaucratic circles about unminuted briefings
involving the PM.

Alex Hawke
Senior journos on Macquarie
Street have always been
adamant – last year’s John Brogden stitch-up was an inside job. Young Liberal
Priory of Sion head Alex Hawke has always been a prime suspect. Now, another
young player is being carefully examined. A former Brogden staffer…

Broad church. Eight hundred guests
celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Australia’s leading
think-tank, the Centre for Independent Studies,
in Sydney last night. Guests were reminded that the Centre isn’t a
conservative think tank. And this was underlined in a most notable way. Just
whose was that mellifluous voice narrating the video presentation of the
Centre’s history. It sounded ABC trained. It sounded familiar. And its owner
was sitting a few table away – Bob Carr

I’m no Barnyard –
but I can still sound as big an idiot:
The wisdom of South Australian Liberal
Senator-elect Cory Bernardi, from ABC Radio News in Adelaide yesterday:

former president of the SA Liberal Party has been formally voted
in as the replacement for former Senator Robert Hill. A joint sitting
State Parliament this morning confirmed 36-year-old Cory Bernardi as
newest Senator. Cory Bernardi says he’s looking forward to joining the
Coalition in the Senate when Federal Parliament resumes next week:
“There is no issues currently that I would consider voting against
the Coalition and certainly under the current leadership, and the
team and all the effective ministers I support the Coalition policies,