TV technology dominates print coverage: It seems that many print journos at Beaconsfield are a bit gobsmacked
at all the technology TV networks are now deploying for live
broadcasts: trucks, dishes, cameras, lights, mobile autocues and
travelling egos. It used to be the print journos who ruled at these
stories, now it’s the networks and the likes of ACA and TT. – Glenn Dyer

Daily Tele v Naomi Robson: The Daily Telegraph and its editor, Dave Penberthy,
are rapidly becoming clones of Peter Blunden and his Herald Sun in Melbourne: feral attack dogs
who know little and try to monster all who stand up to them. Take
Today Tonight host Naomi Robson. She earns a lot of money for fronting a program that at times
leaves me speechless, but this week she and her A Current
rival, Tracy Grimshaw, have done good work in hosting
their programs from Beaconsfield. But our
Naomi has upset people in Beaconsfield it seems and on Wednesday the Tele‘sConfidential column publishing a sledge at her about a make-up truck and how her princess-like
behaviour had upset the locals. Trouble
is Confidential got that from a Nine Network source, hardly the most responsible
of contacts for information about a Seven Network star. Wednesday night Naomi took a gentle punch back
at Confidential, which returned the spray today with these comments: “A bad week turned worse for Today
host Naomi Robson yesterday as viewers tuned out and those
blooper emails began circulating again. Angry comments to
The Daily Telegraph website followed a story earlier this week
about reports of Robson’s “princess” behaviour at the Beaconsfield mine
rescue effort, where she skipped a crucial press conference to have her
hair and makeup done.” Like all News Ltd entertainment writers they are
long on verbiage but short on facts. On Wednesday night, 1.5 million
people watched TT – no turn-offs, in fact the audiences for TT
are slightly higher this week than last week. – Glenn Dyer

Mike Munro firms for Millionaire gig: While quite a few people in the TV industry believe that
with Eddie McGuire gone Nine will retire Millionaire
permanently, there’s a growing suggestion that Mike Munro has firmed in the
betting to take the hosting chair. Munro
remains in favour at Nine, despite failing at A
Current Affair
: he’s reading the 4.30pm news, backing
up the Sydney 6pm news this week with Mark Ferguson down at Beaconsfield and
also reads some weekend news, especially Sunday nights. His
other gig, This is Your Life has been dying, slowly. Nine claimed they had run out
of people whose lives are worth celebrating – after last year’s effort of
celebrating Qantas’ 85th year, that was a given. So
with Munro now without a prime time light entertainment gig, there’s a growing
chance that he will be dropped into Eddie’s chair later this
year. The
official line from Nine is that Millionaire is “resting” and will emerge from this hibernation early in the second half of the
year. People
in TV land say killing off the game show would save Nine
around $4 million a year and replacing Eddie has proven to be tougher than anyone at
Nine thought and the Network and its CEO are in a bit
of a cleft stick. Nine
might have to re-start Millionaire simply because its program inventory is pretty
threadbare at the moment and it needs as many programs as possible for the primetime schedule. The
irony is that Cold Case is now adding viewers in 8.30pm Monday timeslot. In fact
the 1.7 million people who watched Cold Case on Monday night this week was a
much bigger audience than for all but a handful of Millionaire episodes over the
past few years.Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV

The Winners Thursday night is anyone’s night now, instead of being a
good night for Seven with the dominance of Lost as it was last year. Nine had a
narrow win last night but Seven was still competitive thanks to Lost, which is
settling down to around 1.4 million (1.455 million), the news, Today Tonight and
Las Vegas. Seven News was the most watched show, with 1.479 million, then came
Getaway with a live ‘stunt’ program that probably cost more than the program
made in revenue last night. But it looked good and 1.467 million watched, around
300,000 more than normal. Lost was third, Nine News was fourth (1.291 million),
Temptation was 6th with 1.236 million, Big Brother was next with 1.233 million,
A Current Affair was 8th with 1.203 million, Home and Away was next with 1.159
million and Medium was tenth for Ten with 1.158 million. Then came Las Vegas on
Seven with 1.149 million, Law and Order on Ten with 1.143 million, Amazing
Medical Stories
on Nine with 1.098 million, The Footy Shows with 1.008 million
and the ABC 7 pm news in 15th with 1.006 million. A fairly even night’s viewing.
In Sydney Getaway was the most watched program with 458,000 viewers, Lost was
second. In Melbourne it was Today Tonight on top with 477,000, then Getaway with
476,000. In Brisbane it was Nine News with 318,000 followed by Seven News with
303,000. In Adelaide it was Big Brother with 164,000, then Neighbours with
149,000 and in Perth Seven news was tops with 230,000 from Today Tonight with
The Losers Losers? Bert’s Family Feud back up to 611,000 and it
beat Deal or No Deal in Melbourne again, 227,000 to 220,000 viewers. But that
did Nine News no good. Deal or No Deal averaged 863,000 overall. Seven’s The
Amazing Race
is dropping off the pace, down to 963,000 at 9.30 pm and beaten by
the Footy Shows. But it did well in 16 to 39. Seven won 16 to 39 and the 25 to
54 groups last night.
News & CA Seven News again won nationally and in every market but
Brisbane. Today Tonight won everywhere bar Brisbane where it and A Current
drew. Ten News at Five averaged 875,000 and beat Bert and Deal in
Melbourne! The ABC News with 1.006 million and the 7.30 report averaged 858,000,
were its best performers. Seven’s Sunrise easily beat Today and the Early
from 6 am to 7 am made it into the top 50 programs in 50th spot,
attracting more viewers than Today (254,000 for early Sunrise vs. 231,000 for
Today from 7 am).
The Stats Nine won with a share of 29.0% (24.4% last week) to Seven
with 28.4% (23.9%), Ten was third with 24.0% (35.7%, it was the final of The
Biggest Loser
last week), the ABC with 13.7% (11.8%) and SBS with 4.9% (4.2%).
Nine won Sydney and Melbourne and Adelaide, Seven won Brisbane and Perth. Nine
continues to make up ground in Sydney on Seven, but is still weaker in Melbourne
while Seven is battling harder in Brisbane and making an impact on Nine. Ten is
gaining overall!
Glenn Dyer’s comments A competitive night with good choice for viewers,
who after watching the News and 6.30 pm shows, split and went their own way
across all channels. Not having the final of The Biggest Loser meant Ten was
back to the pack, but it’s still a bit stronger than it was earlier in the year.
Seven has a narrow lead in the week, 29.1% to 29.4%. Tonight’s AFL NRL double
will help Nine, especially with a Rugby League International against New Zealand
to be shown in Sydney and Brisbane. Only two more sleeps to The Logies on Sunday
night. Are you all thrilled? I’m not!