In a reversal from
their usual form, ALP President Warren Mundine has said that the Labor Party
should consider a policy offering tax breaks and direct subsidies for parents
who send their children to private schools. Today’s
Oz reports that:

Parents who sacrifice their lifestyles to send their children to
private schools should be thanked and supported with tax incentives and
childcare support, says Labor Party national president Warren

Mr Mundine called
for an end to the ideologically driven debate that has dominated the ALP’s
education policy for the past two or three decades and for debate instead on the
best ways to support families in their choice of

“I think they’re
great parents, I take my hat off to them,” Mr Mundine said of people who sent
their children to private schools. “These families are contributing on top of
their taxes. They’re paying for education twice.”

Henry says “praise
the lord and pass the brandy, at last a Labor idea worth voting

The issue of
private versus public education is of interest to Henry, with one of his
earliest articles – Educating

– written on it. He said then that he was opposed to “paying twice” to educate his
kids – once when he sent money to the ATO to help pay for gummint schools and
again when he wrote out the cheques for the private

Now if only the
silly buggers would bite the bullet on tax reform, including tax reform for the
3% of Aussies who pay almost 50% of their wages to Mr Costello, they would have
a fighting chance at the next election. Spare a thought for “Beazley’s
Battlers” – the aspirational middle class who want to give their kids a better
start in life.

Henry Thornton.