Professor Simon Chapman, Visiting
Researcher at the International Agency for Research in Cancer in Lyon, France, writes:

I have now heard everything. Philip Morris and BAT’s touching concern in
submissions to the NSW Parliament that smokers ducking outside pubs to smoke
risk having their drinks spiked
is like the Captain of the Titanic warning passengers they might get bad
splinters from its handrails. The industry wants smoking in pubs to stay because
they have done their calculations on what they are losing in places where pub
smoking has gone like Ireland, Scotland, New York, California, Massachussets,
Norway and New Zealand from the cigarettes not being smoked. Huge

And as for their earnest efforts to deter children from smoking, the record
of a meeting
(see page 7) attended by both companies as far back as 1973
says it all: “this is one of the proposals we shall initiate to show that we as
an industry are doing something about discouarging young people to smoke. This
of course is a phony way of showing sincerity as we all know.” We can all
believe the tobacco industry on kids when it hands back to cancer charities
every last cent of the hundreds of millions of dollars it has made from
children’s smoking in the decades since it first struck up this song. Could
these people lie straight in bed?