Yesterday Kim Beazley said in his address to the National Press Club:

are half a million Aussie families putting their kids through
non-government schools. My message to them is simple: I know most of
you aren’t rich and I know most of your schools aren’t rich. I know
you’re busting your necks at work and going without to send your kids
to non-government schools.

I know some of
you think Labor disapproved of this choice. Well I don’t. That’s why
the Labor Party I lead will support whatever choice you make in the
education of your children, including choices based on personal
conscience, religion or values.

What about the Labor
Party he led in 2001, when his then shadow minister for education,
Michael Lee had an election schools policy that shaved resources away
from the rich schools and redistributed it only to the State school

Not a zac to the independent schools. At least, the
2004 policy gave some money to non-government schools. Just goes to
show, how quickly some people forget their education.