Christian Kerr writes:

Bill Shorten’s desperate race against time.
“Most of our successful political leaders have been in politics for
about 20 years before they become top of the tree”, Jeff Kennett told The Sunday Age yesterday. Is that what Bill Shorten’s doing at Beaconsfield? Trying to compensate?

Rattling the jewellery. Gasp!
A couple of hundred North Shore types rallied on Saturday to show their
support for Hornsby state Liberal MP, Judy Hopwood, under threat from
the hard right in upcoming preselections. Even the Hornsby Chamber of
Commerce were there. Interesting. The NSW Libs need to win seats next
year, not lose them to independents or other crossbenchers.

Rolling on Clover. All eyes are on this afternoon’s special Sydney City Council meeting. The Sydney Morning Herald had detail aplenty
on the departure of former SCC chief executive Peter Seamer on
Saturday. Just how much of a revolving door is there at the Town Hall –
and is Lord Mayor Clover Moore a little too, er, assertive in her staff

Recipe of the Day.
Could Jeff Kennett rise again? While contemplating this intriguing question, why not munch on Phoenix tail prawns.

CRIKEY: The first of May must be the only day marked
by both members of Opus Dei and unreconstructed Stalinists. Here, in the Crikey
Bunker, it’s taken on a new significance. Today, after being around since day
one, Christian Kerr has formally joined Crikey on a full time basis as national
affairs editor.
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