The Timorese, thanks to the horrors of the ’99 violence still fresh on
their minds, have a panic button that is very very easily triggered.You
can’t blame them because their brothers, sisters, friends and relatives
were indeed killed before and they themselves victims of the violence.
So whenever there are rumours or any hint of anything not right,
families flee to the hills for refuge. – Tumbleweed in Timor Lorosae

What appears to have happened is that disturbances have occurred next
to the government building in the heart of the city, about a kilometre
from here. Young men have destroyed property and set buildings and cars
on fire. It is unclear whether these men are part of the ‘591′ sacked
military, members of martial arts groups (gangs) or random individuals.
Given the situation has been mostly calm all week with the ‘591′
conducting themselves peacefully, I would guess that it is the gangs
taking advantage of the situation but I cannot be sure. – Dili-Dallying

It has been much quieter today and something closer to normality
(for a Sunday) seemed to return after lunch. Micro-buses and taxis
returned to the roads in limited numbers…One of the things that has
made the reporting so variable is the extent of rumours. At
the moment, it is said that the protesters have headed for the hills
and that the military were given orders to chase them. Others say this
is not the case. But I am prepared to go with the view that most of the
violence was not caused by the sacked soldiers but by disaffected youth
and others with an east-west ethnic chip on the shoulder. – Dili-gence