A Kiwi activist has scored one against tobacco
industry giant, Philip Morris.

Director of the Maori Smokefree Coalition, Shane
Bradbrook, scammed some proxy shares for the company and got admitted to the
Philip Morris AGM in New York overnight. He then proceeded to lambast
Morris CEO Louis Camilleri, for the company’s sale and marketing of a brand of
cigarettes cringingly called “Maori Mix”.

Targeted mainly at hot young
things in Israel, Bradbrook told the meeting that the fags, which featured a
wannabe Maori motif, exploited and insulted Maori and were a prime example of
cultural appropriation.

See how power works in this country.

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Apparently visibly flustered, chief exec
Camilleri apologised on behalf of Philip Morris, saying Maori Mix had been a
“mistake.” He then promised to make sure that all remaining stock was
recalled, saying he regretted any offence caused.

Bradbrook says that
while he doesn’t see how a carefully crafted cigarette brand marketing campaign
could be classed as a mistake, he’s happy the ciggie peddlers have said they’re

See how power works in this country.

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