Federal Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese brought factional
brawler behaviour to a children’s football game at the weekend,
insisting his son’s team walk off the pitch. His wife, NSW Education
Minister Carmel Tebbutt, looked on in apparent embarrassment. Posing as
a Saturday morning soccer dad, Albanese stood pitch-side as son Nathan
stood in goal for the Marrickville under-6s. Leaning protectively
against a goal post, Albanese got too close to the action when a corner
kick struck him before rebounding into the goal. Rather than admit his
own part in the disputed “goal”, Albanese insisted that the home team
immediately take its proverbial ball home. Bewildered five-year olds
from both teams and pleas from the visiting team to restart the game
had no impact as Albanese, resplendent in Wallabies jersey and Blues
Brothers shades, berated the opposition coach and parents for cheating.
No doubt the score at the time (5-0 to the visitors) had no impact on
his behaviour. Neither did the expectation that Parliamentarians should
behave with dignity when in public.

Yesterday 12 of the students who survived the sinking of their
boat from West Papua to Aus were arrested by TNI/Polri in Kampung Wor
Kuana/Arso. Their safety is of grave concern.

Moving BRW’s production to Sydney
means that Melbourne no longer produces ANY mass circulation magazines.
The move to Sydney gives lie to Ron “Mr Melbourne” Walker’s interview to The Australian a fortnight ago. The Michael Gill/Glenn Burge empire just gets bigger…pity they still can’t find an editor for CFO magazine after six months, and two editors have walked out on Asset magazine since it got shifted to Sydney in November.

In an attempt to stop the spread of bird flu President George W Bush has just bombed the Canary Islands. Turkey is next.