Is there a connection between Kenyon International, the company which
bungled the return of Private Kovco’s casket, and the US government?

According to ABC Radio’s World Today
program, Kenyon International is the private US company that Brendan
Nelson is today blaming for the tragic mistake in the transportation of
Private Kovco’s body.

The international disaster response company was involved in the “funeralgate” scandal and Hurricane Katrina.

And here’s the link between the Bush administration and this Texas company:


Skeletons (Real Ones) in Bush’s Closet

are some very troubling developments regarding the collecting of bodies
in NOLA. The company hired to do the collection is Kenyon
International. Kenyon International is owned by SCI, a major Bush
contributor. SCI was involved in a scandal called “Funeralgate”,
wherein thousands of bodies were improperly and fraudulently
disposed of in mass graves of in violation of numerous State and
Federal laws on numerous occasions. Rather than prosecute the
company, the then Governor George W Bush and and his campaign manager
and future FEMA director Joe Allbaugh at least seemingly helped the
company engage in a coverup. Both Bush and Allbaugh were named as
defendants in a lawsuit regarding the issue.

The fact FEMA and the Bush Administration seem to be intent on
blocking media coverage of the collection of bodies, and
unsubstantiated rumours of “mishandling” of bodies in NOLA already
circulating on the internet, a charge on National TV by Jefferson
Parish President that FEMA cut their emergency communications, reports
by very reputable Journalists such as Brian Williams that officials
were pointing guns at members of the media in a blatant attempt to
intimidate them, and numerous reports by Ham radio operators that
emergency frequencies were being jammed from somewhere in the Gulf of
Mexico should lead to great concern among the public. Is the Government
planning to cover up the number of dead in NOLA as they covered up the
Abu Ghraib scandal?

The company website is here and they have an office in Sydney.