Celebrations swept up and down the streets of Honiara for several
hours as the news of the PM resignation was broadcast live over the
Nathaniel had contacted the Attorney General for a new program for the
election of the prime minister. He says members of Parliament will
receive a notice on the programme to elect the prime minister.
the Governor General thanked the caretaker government of Snyder Rini
for having gone through a trying time and to make sure people have a
duly elected Prime minister. – Langalanga

An anonymous friend in Honiara
“New Solomons PM Snyder Rini resigned this morning after
two more members of his coalition crossed the floor. Two others
had switched sides last week after the riots so even with two opposition
members in gaol (on charges of inciting the riots), they had the
numbers. Cars are hooning up and down the main road of Honiara tooting
their horns in celebration and waving crowds have just formed on the
streets (approx 11am) but as yet there are no signs of violence. (RAMSI
and local police are very much in evidence and three helicopters are
circling overhead.)
At eight days, this makes the Rini government the shortest since
Solomons got independence in 1978.” – Andrew Leigh blog

There are scenes of jubilation on the streets of the Solomon Islands
capital, Honiara, after the resignation of the prime minister Snyder
Rini. The Solomon Islands public was excluded from the
Parliament, which was guarded by Australian and New Zealand soldiers
and police. The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation carried a live broadcast of Mr Rini’s decision to resign. – To’abaita Authority for Research and Development

See how power works in this country.

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Rini’s resignation brings his seven days’ premiership, which prompted massive rioting
in the capital, to an ignominious end. It also puts the Solomons’
politics back to square one, with a new secret ballot for prime
minister to be held within a week. – The Head Heeb

One of the problems with the paradigm of nation building is the
expectation of effecting change while ensuring that in the meantime
things remain the same. The ancien regime and its supporters are
somehow supposed to be overturned and supplanted by a new order through
a procedure more painless than modern dentistry. – The Belmont Club

See how power works in this country.

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