I don’t think we have heard the last of the Run Property
disaster. It has the smell of a class action from aggrieved investors
who read the prospectus and invested in the float. Also suspect some
directors may soon jump ship.

Legal threats are being made after only seven of the 30 delivery runs for The Australian Women’s Weekly
went out in Sydney last night. Head contractor First Fleet is getting
screwed by the magazine companies and in turn is trying to screw down
its truck drivers. Now even the truckies are getting threatened with
litigation by the Packer empire.

Golden Circle in Brisbane is flogging off
its baby food business to a massive European company Numico/Nutricia.
Will there be any Australian owned manufacturing companies in ten
years? What about the Government trying to flog off the manufacturing
of blood products (plasma) to US companies under the US-AUS FTA? Yet
another genuflection to the Americans under the FTA – due to the US
administration’s close relationship with Baxter. The only people trying
to get this out in the open is the Red Cross Blood Bank but they’re not
getting far as Tony Abbott’s spinners in the Department of Health are
calling around journalists calling in favours around the place. They’re
terrified Australia’s blood donors will revolt, which is exactly what
the Blood Bank reckons too. See the open letter to donors on their website. Why do we need to get plasma fractionated offshore for the sake of competition?

Sensis.com.au promotes itself as an independent Aussie search
engine. I typed in ‘hotmail.com’ and what happens? Cannot be found, or
similar. While I know the commercial relationships Telstra has in place
skew the order in which searches show website information, to deny
hotmail exists is a new low.

Did Rio Tinto-controlled uranium miner ERA deliberately choose to hold its AGM today – the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl – or was it a coincidence?