Jane Nethercote writes:

When Kim Beazley was unable to
name all five of Labor’s South Australian senators on Adelaide radio
last week, columnist Glenn Milne was quick to attribute his lapse to ill health.

But the only ailment Beazley seems to be suffering from is the common condition of federal politicianitis. On the Today Show last Friday, Peter Costello demonstrated the same condition – he couldn’t name any of his party’s Tasmanian senators.

However, his lapses were nothing compared with Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott’s efforts on Sunday Profile in 2002:

MONICA ATTARD: Can you name all of the Liberal Party’s leaders at a state and territorial level?

ABBOTT: (Laughs) That is a very good question (Laughs) I’m going to fail that test I’m afraid. I’m not even going to begin.

ATTARD: You might as well give it a shot…

ABBOTT: Why put myself through an indignity like that. No I’m just gonna pass that question Monica.

Is it surprising that the Liberals can’t win a state or territory when
one of the most senior members of the party won’t even endure the
“indignity” of remembering who they are?