Not everyone is as excited about Michael
Schumacher’s return to the podium in Sunday night’s Imola GP as Michael Schumacher.

Frank, an F1 fan, wrote the following on
the BBC website: “Imola
showed what is wrong with F1 – no overtaking – I could have won that race in my
wife’s Corsa if I’d started at the front.”

Of course, the Schu was excited to again be
splashing the celebratory champagne around at the end of the race: “It feels
great. What can you say? We had a great weekend.”

Fernando Alonso, who came second, said: “It’s
difficult to overtake if not impossible … With five laps to go we turned up the
revs to give it a go, but it was not possible. So I take the eight points,
which is perfect for me in terms of the championship.”

But given the nature of Schumacher’s win,
he can be as publicly bullish about his win as he likes, but he knows, not so
deep down, that if the track gave Alonso a fighting chance, he and his Ferrari would
have been relegated to at least second place soon after the 35th lap, when
Alonso caught him. Does that count as a hollow victory?

Well, it seems there are other fans out
there who agree with Frank. Also on the BBC website Mightyhornets4ever
wrote: “Does (it) makes you wonder why they drop races like Spa and Japan
whilst keeping this one.”

To which Jayzee75
responded: “F1 is not just about overtaking. Imola is geared more on the
strategy side and clearly shows Renault boys made errors in their last pit
stop. Had Renault done a better job in qualifying, they would have led and won
the race. Look at tracks such as Monaco… clearly not designed for overtaking!!!”

To which
bunter_s_thompson wrote: “Yes, my enjoyment would have been vastly enhanced if
I’d have watched a processional, high-speed, strategy masterclass.”

To which Michael Schumacher must be thinking
to himself: “Good points one and all, but a win’s a win. With those Renaults so
much quicker and more reliable than us this year, I’ll take a win however it comes
these days.”