Joshua Frydenberg not only lost badly on Sunday, his detractors
are singing like a Greek chorus. Said one: he lost ten votes when he
had to admit there was glitch on his CV. Must have been a typo. He
clarified it by saying he had been a director of a section of Deutsche
Bank’s section of global trading, not actually a director of the bank.
The intrusion of the Queensland pollies didnt’ help either, especially
as they worked the phones and called most of the delegates as did Hugh
Morgan. Maybe the boy wonder would be best advised to have a go at some
other seats – the people in Kooyong have long memories and they hate
being taken for granted.

Golden Circle in Brisbane is flogging off its baby food business
to a massive European company Numico/Nutricia. Will there be any
Australian owned manufacturing companies in 10 years?

The appointment of a new editor for the Canberra Timesis not too far away and word is SMH executive
editor Tom Burton has accepted the gig. Burton, an executive editor
who’s been writing about media matters, is a union heavyweight and
married to fellow SMH reporter Anne Davies.

Hot on the heels of potentially thousands of jobs moving overseas,
IBM Global services has plans to move several hundred IT jobs to China
and India. Outsourced customers whose support will or have already
moved include Certegy, Westpac, Telstra, MLC and even government
accounts are being looked at. Two concerns: Loss of Australian IT
capability with such a large number of jobs leaving Australia and
secondly the type of jobs: System admin, IT security etc. The most
disturbing part is that IT security are the folks creating user access,
how easy to create a powerful user id and sell for a few rupees! The
question is how good are the Chinese and Indian privacy laws protecting
our bank and identification data.

Staff at KAZ,
Telstra’s 100% owned subsidiary are unhappy about a new employment
contract being forced on them. They have been told to sign by the 26th
April or we’ll have two months to replace you. Staff have been unable
to get straight answers to a number of queries and many have joined the
CPSA union. The company attitude is take it or leave it even though the
contract is badly worded and has`many ambiguous clauses. KAZ looks like
going the way of Advantra as staff were KAZ’s biggest asset.

Vodafone’s national messaging service
was out for over two days, Thursday night through Saturday night 7:30
pm, as a result of network issues. Vodafone went to extensive efforts
to advise their national customer base of the fault (ha, ha) – by
puttinig a recorded message on their phone enquiry service – not the
main enquiry number though. They made no effort to advise by call or
text message that the service was out. They apparently prefer to rely
on the fact that customers will put up with any level of service.
Better manually check your message bank because there is a huge backlog
they still haven’t advised customers of.