Crikey editor Misha Ketchell writes:

Could Steve Vizard’s days as a corporate pariah be drawing to a close? Is Vizard about to resurface as a smiling TV host?

year, at the height of his ignominy, many friends and former colleagues
rushed to distance themselves from the disgraced insider trader. At the
head of the queue was Steve Dundon, owner of TV production company
Cornerbox (responsible for, among other things, producing the Douglas
Wood special that aired on Channel Ten).

Before Vizard’s fall
from grace Dundon was firmly in the tent of the Communicate group of
companies, run by Vizard buddy Shaun Levin. Afterwards, according to
Annie Lawson in The Age:

Cornerbox, the television production company with links to
Vizard, is distancing itself from the former high-flyer following
revelations of his corporate skulduggery. Steve Dundon, who owns 60 per
cent of Cornerbox and post-production group Postbox, has written to all
clients saying Vizard has no involvement in the companies. Although
Vizard has no shareholdings or directorships in the two businesses, he
is widely regarded as the driving force behind Levin’s Communicate
Group of companies, which includes Cornerbox and Postbox.

Now, according to this Crikey source, Vizard is Dundon’s special friend again:

Dundon pointed out in a somewhat contradictory communiqué
that despite appearances Vizard had no connection with Cornerbox and he
was just a friendly adviser providing his services free of charge…
sort of the Mother Theresa of TV.

It wasn’t lost on Australia’s
TV bosses that it would take more than a miracle to cure Cornerbox of
producing the worst shows on TV … think Channel Ten’s Hothouse Channel Nine’s Bark-off Channel’s Seven’s The Cut and for good measure throw in Bloke’s World.

But time can heal most wounds and recently the unabashed
Steve Dundon started making house calls on TV execs pleading for work
for Cornerbox. Spotted holding his hand on the latest expedition was a
man expert in the art of pleadings… yes, you guessed it… renown
Port Douglas charity worker Steve Vizard.

When we rang Dundon this morning he confirmed that he has been in talks
with Vizard about an involvement in the creative side of a project with
an eye to “getting his face back on TV”. But he declined to comment on
which network might be involved or what the format of the program might

Survivor, perhaps?