There seems to be a new game in Sydney newspapers –
who can stick it up Premier Dilemma the hardest, the furthest and the most

On top of the SMH‘s Carr Crash and Spin
Cycle campaigns, the Terror has been relentlessly homing in (note correct use
of “homing”), honing its attack in this
year-long election campaign (note correct use of “honing”).

Today’s front page lead, “Iemma pushes panic button” is just the latest instalment in a campaign that seems to have the NSW
government bouncing like the media’s punching bag. It’s the usual vicious cycle
at work – get caught doing something dumb and face a media campaign against it.
Give in to the chorus and then face a media campaign about flip-flopping and

Bob Carr worked hard at cultivating Sydney’s media
heavies, forever papering over his failures as Premier. It looks like Morrie
Iemma can’t buy a friend – but as the Terror reports, there are plenty of jobs
going for spinners. The paper’s editorial cartoon has the premier in a dark
room asking how many spin doctors it takes to pretend a light bulb doesn’t need