metaphors abound as talk buzzes around Melbourne of a Jeff Kennett resurrection.

The recent
Morgan Poll of preferred political leaders in Victoria
suggests the former Liberal leader has more than 12 disciples:

Only 13% of Victorian voters and 13% of Liberal
supporters would prefer Mr Doyle to lead the Liberal Party at the State
election. A substantial 38% of voters would prefer former Victorian Premier
Jeff Kennett to lead the Liberals– this figure increases to 58% amongst L-NP

Melbourne talkback king Neil Mitchell yesterday told his
3AW audience that the Jeffmeister was considering his options. The Australian reports today: “Although Liberal preselections have been completed for almost
all seats, there are vacancies in two east suburban seats.”

Of course,
at this time of year, we can draw on metaphors other than those that involve rising from the dead. We
can also talk about bunnies.

faction foe Peter Costello tipped a bucket of water specially chilled in Melbourne’s icy cold over the idea at a
yesterday. “We all have our time in politics. Do the best you can
while you are there because you are long time out of it and that is my advice,”
he said .

And the
“Sources said Mr Kennett had privately entertained the
prospect of returning to become premier, but not Opposition Leader.” As
premier? That would mean the Liberals would have to win an election –
and that brings us to another Easter metaphor. Enormous faith.

PS. We were the first outlet to plug the polling, but there’s no mention
of Morgan in the Hun. Another Blunden ban?