Michael Pascoe writes:

Koreans are different, both North and South. The latest example from Seoul is Hyundai’s chairman and son giving $1 billion to charity in atonement for “causing concern” to South Korean society over a probe into lobbying.

I can’t quite imagine AWB’s board rushing out to atone for the concern it’s caused. Besides, they will need every penny they have in the coffers for the welter of legal action that awaits them.

CNN reports the Hyundai gift comes as prosecutors investigate whether the company set up slush funds and were involved in suspected illegal political lobbying. “Hyundai will cooperate actively with the prosecutors’ investigation and humbly accept the outcome of the probe,” the company said in a statement.

If it’s $US1 billion for just causing concern, one can only wonder how well charities might do if the company is found guilty of crimes.

Of course there’s none of that illegal lobbying stuff going on here – companies happily pay for their time with ministers and premiers legally, and never mind the many fundraisers.