Ben Oqiust, Greens staffer and West Papuan advocate, writes:

Given the strong news value in the Newspoll on West Papua, the Crikey
coverage of the issue yesterday was pretty shallow. Silly Christian
Kerr with his anti-Greens vendetta – he even attacks me (yesterday, item 6) in my non-party work
with the implication that there is something amiss with a Green working for the
West Papuan cause. Instead of a conflict of interest, I thought that might be
seen as a “confluence” of interest.

But your readers should know this was no super sleuth journalism on Mr
Kerr’s part.

Yesterday I emailed Crikey a copy of the media release (with my name as a
contact) and full report of the West Papua Newspoll commissioned by Ian Melrose.
The report included the full breakdown of the Newspoll by state and
demographics, which was not covered in the general media release.

Instead of delving into the detail which might have interested Crikey
readers, Mr Kerr took the opportunity to give a largely unintelligible, but also
nasty spray. As he correctly noted, human rights is an issue beyond “Left” and “Right”
and as the Newspoll released yesterday shows, there is massive majority support
for the Papuan cause, with only 5.5% in opposition.

That Christian Kerr chose to attack me – just a name at the
bottom of a media release – rather than look into the myriad of issues
surrounding the West Papua situation and Australia’s Indonesian driven foreign
policy – is pretty silly.

Peter Fray

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