There’s only one way to sort out this
personal spat, Anthony and Tony Mundine. It’s time to GET IT ON, as
Anthony likes to say.

Yes, we suggest Danny Green takes a
vacation to fix his back, and Mundine Snr and Jnr shape up instead on 17 May.
Hell, we’d pay to watch that fight. Brash-talking, soft-punching Junior versus
his grim-faced quiet dad who carried sledgehammers in both fists through the 70s.

An Australian champion over four divisions, a world title contender when that meant something, and one
of the most lethal punchers in Australian ring history, Tony Mundine is
definitely an old school warrior. Exactly the sort of fighter Anthony has spent
most of his career avoiding.

Tony’s sudden exit yesterday from Anthony’s
training camp has thrown a wildcard ingredient into the showdown with Green –
but try not to faint with concern or excitement. As Green’s trainer David Birchell wisely
observed: “It might just be all hype.”

The original AAP story quoted Anthony
as saying: “Tempers flare, certain misunderstandings
happen. It’s upsetting. Hopefully he can put personal issues aside and think: I
got to be there for my boy.”

But News Ltd today carried the whole thing
straight to soap opera with Tony saying: “Of course I was in tears. It broke my heart … but I’m a stubborn man.
When I wipe anyone, I wipe them for good. If he doesn’t come to me, that’s his

But the knock-out line was this one, from
Mundine Snr: “It wasn’t physical, it was just words. He keeps telling me he wants to
be from the old school. Well, I’m from the old school.”

You said it, Tony. Without Dad in the corner,
as trainer, manager, mentor, father, Anthony Mundine suddenly looks a lot more
lightweight, excuse the pun. He might want to even think about changing the URL
on his official website. It currently reads:
something Ali fans might take issue with, as may those who like to keep race as
a secondary consideration behind talent when watching sport.

It’s shaping as a long month.