• Police
    are being confronted by three mobs, estimated to be around two or three hundred
    people per group. One is in the vicinity of China Town and the Lawson Tama area, the other
    one is still in the vicinity of the Prime Minister’s official residence and
    Parliament house. And the third one is in the Central area of Honiara. We are attempting to speak with
    these people to ask them to go home. – Joe blog
  • Hundreds of people now taken to the streets demand the resignation of
    the newly elected PM. Police tried to calm the crowd but they reply
    with stones and all other things within their sight. Crowd now builds
    up at the City Centre Pharmacy whilst the police stationed at the Point
    Cruz mobile station…I am still monitoring this situation from our office and don’t know when I will get home. – Biukili

  • China Town Burnt down [see right]… Live reports that reached us from Honiara
    stated that there is another twist to the rowdy crowd that demanded the
    immediate resignation of our new PM, Honourable Snyder Rini. Reports have it
    that people who gathered at Parliament demanding the immediate resignation of
    new PM Rini, have damaged several vehicles of MPs who supported the new PM.
    Several RAMSI police personnels have also been injured while trying to get the
    PM out of Parliament. – Toabaita Authority for Research and Development
  • In few places is politics more “local” than in the Solomon
    Islands and Papua
    New Guinea. – Fruits and Votes
  • People claimed that the new government that was formed was
    just a continuation of the previous Kemakeza government which the people saw as
    corrupt. Snyder Rini was a deputy Prime Minister in the out-going government.
    They claimed that a totally new candidate with no past bad records should take
    up the Prime Ministers post. – Belden’s space
  • Rini’s victory will essentially put Kemakeza back in office despite the fact
    that the voters repudiated
    his party
    at the general election. Under the arrangement struck yesterday,
    Kemakeza will be coalition leader and will very much function as the power
    behind the throne. Rini’s first pledge upon being elected was to continue
    the Kemakeza government’s policies
    and although he may have to concede a
    cabinet post to Sogavare, there’s no reason to doubt his intentions.
    Whether he will be able to govern, though, is an open question. – Head Heeb
  • A huge crowd has blocked the gate to
    Parliament demanding
    that the newly elected Prime Minister Snyder Rini resign immediately.
    From the Governor Genera(l)’s announcement of the new prime minister, the
    reaction was a negative one. – Langa Langa