Kerr writes:

The Press
Club and free speech.
Such exquisite timing! The day after we ask just what the
hell Minister of the State Council Information Office People’s Republic of
China Cai Wu was doing addressing Australia’s “best known institution for
informed discussion and debate,” news comes through of further media
in China.

The Sun-Heraldpicked up our story about the John Brogden comeback
scheduled for next month at a Pittwater electorate committee do on the weekend .
Funnily enough, though, another official plug for the do on the LibMail email
service at the end of the week dropped J-Bro from official proceedings.

Choppy seas
at Manly.
More fun for Sydney’s northern beaches Liberals. The
Manly Daily
reports three candidates are fronting up for the preselection
amidst claims of branch stacking:
“prominent Manly personality Michael Darby, Manly
councillor Richard Morrison and Michael Baird, son of federal Liberal MP Bruce

Second time
Is Melburnian Nino Randazzo, elected to the Italian Senate last week on
Romano Prodi’s centre-left ticket, the same Nino Randazzo who contested the old Victorian Legislative Assembly
seat of Fitzroy for the DLP back in 1964? If so, how does he feel about
possibly being in coalition with people who still call themselves communists?

in the Chairman’s Lounge.
Last week – the
wife of a certain minister discussing hubby’s appearance before Cole, saying
something like: “He is feeling pretty good about it all, he is just a bit
concerned that Howard might leave them out to dry and he could be cut loose.”

Recipe of the day. As things get rather heated between Indonesia and Australia, we’ve got a recipe from Nancy’s Fiery Fare for Sambal Olek – otherwise known as an Indonesian hot chilli and lime pickle. Slap it on your snags.